What Types of Food Lead to Clogged Arteries?


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Eating too many foods that are high in trans and saturated fats can lead to clogged arteries, according to SFGate. Atherosclerosis, or clogged arteries, forms when excess cholesterol from high-fat foods is deposited into the arteries. Heart-healthy fats include unsaturated olive and canola oils.

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Saturated fat is mainly found in animal products such as steak, bacon, ribs, poultry skin and deli meats. Healthy choices include lean cuts of meat, skinless chicken or turkey, fish, and most cuts of pork. Whole milk dairy products such as cream, cheese, butter and ice cream are high in saturated fat. Low-fat or fat-free alternatives for most dairy products are available to help reduce total saturated fat intake. Plant-based oils that are high in saturated fat include coconut, palm kernel and palm oils. The American Heart Association recommends consuming less than 7 grams of saturated fat per day, SFGate reports.

Trans fats, often included on nutrition labels as partially hydrogenated oil, are made by adding hydrogen to liquid oil. The mixture produces a solid fat that is long-lasting and inexpensive, making it preferable to food manufacturers. It is used in many prepackaged foods and in processed foods such as donuts and french fries. Trans fats are also used for frying in restaurants. They are more harmful to heart health than saturated fats, and the American Heart Association recommends that people avoid trans fat entirely, according to SFGate.

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