What Types of Food Are Good for a Fibromyalgia Diet?


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Research has not linked types of food with fibromyalgia, as of 2015. Individuals diagnosed with the condition often benefit from keeping track of the effects of food on their bodies. Over 40 percent of fibromyalgia sufferers report some of the foods they consume make their symptoms worse, according to WebMD.

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What Types of Food Are Good for a Fibromyalgia Diet?
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One way to take a closer look at the foods a person eats is to keep a food journal for two weeks, states WebMD. The journal should have a records of the food eaten for each meal and snack. Individuals should also record any symptoms, including headaches, fatigue or gastric problems. After a while, patterns become evident, revealing foods that are most likely to cause problems.

A food elimination diet helps to identify problem foods. If the person experiences irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia, WebMD recommends eliminating dairy products or gluten from the diet for six to eight weeks. The individual then adds the eliminated food back into the diet and evaluates the results. Working with an allergist is beneficial for some people who are trying to identify food allergies.

With fibromyalgia, sufferers benefit from using food to supply the body with energy. Many find eating more frequent but smaller meals provides a more sustained release of energy throughout the day, reports WebMD.

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