What Are Some Types of Female Groin Injuries?


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Female groin injuries, such as acute injury, strain and overuse injuries, cause pain and may lead to other injuries. Female groin injuries develop from everyday activity, exercise, activities around the job or in the home or as a result of a car accident, states Women’s Physicians & Surgeons.

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Groin injury causes pain, but most minor injuries can be treated and healed without seeking medical attention, explains Women’s Physicians & Surgeons. Acute groin injury is more severe and comes from suffering a direct blow, falling, a stabbing injury or the leg turning awkwardly.

During exercise, groin tears may also occur, causing immediate pain similar to a groin strain. Lifting heavy objects, pushing or pulling and falling are all causes of groin strains or tears. Straining the groin muscles while engaging in exercises, such as skating, playing soccer or basketball or running, may lead to swelling or bruising. However, bruising or swelling in the area of the groin injury, accompanied by a snapping sound with leg or hip movement, may not manifest for days, according to Women’s Physicians & Surgeons.

Overuse injuries develop as a result of exerting too much stress in a particular area. Overuse injuries occur most commonly from overexercising the groin muscles or repetitive motion. Overuse injuries can subsequently cause stress fractures, bursitis, hip problems, avulsion fractures or osteitis pubis, notes Women’s Physicians and Surgeons.

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