What Are Some Types of Family Planning Methods?


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Family planning methods include hormonal birth control and barrier birth control, according to WebMD. Hormonal birth control methods include the use of combination birth control pills, a vaginal ring, transdermal patch and intrauterine devices. Barrier birth control methods include condoms, spermicide-treated foam, and diaphragms or cervical caps.

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The use of hormones similar to those found in the body prevents the release of the female egg. The effectiveness of the method depends on how well a person uses it. When used correctly every time, hormonal birth control is 99 percent effective, with the typical efficacy of a hormonal family planning method being roughly 90 percent, states WebMD.

Barrier birth control methods prevent sperm from reaching an egg and are mostly available over the counter. They include male and female condoms, which have a typical effective rate of 80 percent, WebMD reports. Another option involves placing a spermicide-treated foam in the vagina, and its effectiveness ranges between 68 and 84 percent, although it is less effective than a condom in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. To enhance its efficacy, experts advise using the foam with other birth control methods. The use of a diaphragm or cervical cap requires a prescription and is effective in preventing pregnancy in 90 percent of cases.

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