What Types of Exercises Are Recommended During the Post Hernia Surgery Recovery Period?


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After hernia surgery, patients can return to their usual activities and may do less vigorous exercise, such as walking, says Rhode Island Hospital. Walking up and down stairs is also a safe exercise to do while recovering from hernia surgery. Patients should stop any exercise that causes them pain.

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For the first day or two after surgery, patients do not feel like doing much activity. While resting is important, patients should get out of bed and move around, recommends Rhode Island Hospital. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided until after a follow-up visit with a doctor. During the first two weeks or a month after surgery, patients may find that they tire easily, so it is important for them not to push themselves too hard too soon.

For the first few days after hernia surgery, after-effects from anesthesia can slow down the thought process, so it is wise to refrain from making any important decisions until those effects wear off, explains Rhode Island Hospital. Pain from the incision, as well as effects from any pain medications, may make patients unable to react quickly, so driving is also unwise, until the pain subsides and the medication has been discontinued. Patients may resume sexual activity when they feel ready.

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