What Are Some Types of Exercise Equipment by Body by Jake?

The Body by Jake line of fitness equipment consists of exercise machines, kits and pieces such as resistance bands, free weights and weight-training rings. Body by Jake machines include The Solution and the Cardio Cruiser. Kits include the Tower 200 Full-Body Exercise Gym, Tower Xpress and Crunch Core Kit.

The Solution is an abdominal exercise machine. The Cardio Cruiser enables a workout with features similar to those of a recumbent bike, elliptical machine, and stair mill. Most Body by Jake exercise equipment is oriented to weight training or resistance training. The Tower 200 Full-Body Exercise Gym offers 200 pounds of resistance that attach to a door for workouts.

In addition to fitness equipment, Body by Jake has marketed exercise videos and DVDs and music for workouts. As of July 2015, Body by Jake's marketing efforts on its Facebook and Twitter pages appear to focus on workout music mixes.

Founder Jake Steinfeld also created a website, FitOrbit, for linking individuals with personal trainers who oversee their fitness plans and progress through the Internet. The website appears active as of July 2015. Steinfeld is also the author of several books and the founder of Major League Lacrosse. He also founded and sold a television network, FitTV, which has since merged with Discovery Health Channel, and a now-defunct television network and on-demand fitness video website called ExerciseTV.