What Types of Exercise Are Best for Diabetics?


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Some of the best exercises for diabetics include walking, strength training and increasing overall activity. Losing weight and building muscles help the body process insulin better, which improves the health of diabetic patients.

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Walking is a very good exercise for diabetics because it is low intensity, burns fat and contributes to lower glucose levels in the blood. Interval walking helps because it brings glucose levels down quickly and keeps them down for up to 24 hours after exercise. Alternately, a long, moderate walk is beneficial because it drives glucose in the blood down even further by using more of the sugar in the body to burn as energy. Combine the two types of walking for best results.

Use strength training to build up more muscles. Bigger muscles use more energy and can burn through more sugar easily. Lifting weights or using the body as resistance can help diabetes sufferers gain better control of their blood sugar readings for both the short and long term.

Increasing overall activity levels is important because the more a diabetic patient moves, the more the body works. Increased activity within the body leads to more efficient processing of sugar and insulin as well as an increase in overall health. In addition to interval walking and strength training, add in as much movement as possible. To do so, consider taking the stairs, parking away from the office and making several trips up the stairs instead of one.

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