What Types of Dentures Are Available From Aspen Dental?


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Aspen Dental offers different types of full dentures, including Basic Full, Classic Full, NaturaLytes and ComfiLytes. The dental service also offers partial dentures such as Cast Partial, FlexiLytes and FlexiLytes Combo.

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The Classic Full denture is made of high-strength, high-grade compound materials and has a warranty of one year. The FlexiLytes denture is free of metal and contains lightweight, durable compound materials. It has a warranty period of two years.

The NaturaLytes denture from Aspen Dental is composed of wear-resistant, high-grade materials and has a three-year warranty. The ComfiLytes denture is made up of lightweight, odor-free, stain-resistant compound materials and comes with a warranty period of seven years. The Cast Partial denture is created with industry standard materials and offers a six-month warranty. The FlexiLytes Combo denture is of the highest price range for partial dentures available from Aspen Dental. It features lightweight and flexible materials with a metal framework for stability, and offers a two-year warranty.

Aspen Dental creates custom-made dentures according to the patient’s specific needs. The dental service uses cold-pour and heat-injected methods to create precise dentures for all patients. Aspen Dental offers a money back guarantee period of 90 days for all full and partial dentures.

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