What Types of Cysts Can You Get Under Your Skin?


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Also known as epidermoid cysts, sebaceous cysts are the type of cysts a person can get under the skin, according to the Mayo Clinic. They are non-cancerous and appear anywhere on the skin, but they are common on the neck, face and trunk.

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Sebaceous cysts grow slowly, are painless and do not require treatment, states the Mayo Clinic. However, a patient can choose to have the cysts removed if they are bothersome or painful. Some people confuse skin cysts with abscesses and boils, which are painful buildups of pus that indicate an infection. A cyst can develop to become a boil, notes NHS Choices.

A skin cyst is usually a round bump and can be yellowish or whitish with a small dark plug, as NHS Choices describes. Skin cysts do not hurt but become red and sore if they have an infection. Some cysts grow around the hair follicles, and they are known as pillar cysts. These type of cysts tend to run in families.

Treatment of a skin cyst involves draining it or removing it through surgery, states Healthline. Since cysts are not harmful, a doctor can allow patients to decide on the treatment option they prefer. Patients should not pop the cysts on their own, as they risk spreading the infection. Also, the cyst can grow back.

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