What Are Some Types of Brain Injuries?


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There are two types of brain injuries: traumatic and acquired brain injury, according to WebMD. Traumatic brain injury occurs due to an external force that causes the brain to move within the skull. Acquired brain injury occurs when there is pressure on the brain.

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What Are Some Types of Brain Injuries?
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The severity of damage to the brain may vary depending on the type of injury, explains WebMD. A mild injury may only be temporary, and it may cause confusion, headaches, nausea and memory problems. With a moderate brain injury, the symptoms may last longer and be more noticeable. In both examples, most patients recover, but about 15 percent of these people have persistent problems in the future. If the brain injury is severe, a person may have life-changing injuries or problems that are permanent and debilitating.

Those who receive brain damage need immediate medical attention even if the damage is mild, such as a concussion, states WebMD. A brain injury may not result in long-term or permanent impairment, but receiving a diagnosis and treatment minimizes and contains the damage. Doctors find the extent of the damage by neurological exam and neuroimaging testing. Most patients with brain injuries benefit from treatments such as physical therapy, speech therapy and psychological support.

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