What Type of Treatments Are Recommended During Rehabilitation for a Broken Wrist?


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Doctors recommend stretching and strengthening exercises to rehabilitate a broken wrist, notes Summit Medical Group. Although stretching and strength exercises can promote healing, patients should avoid any movements that cause pain.

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Stretching exercises include bending the wrist forward and backward and holding for five seconds, explains Summit Medical Group. A side to side wrist movement maintains flexibility. Patients use their good hand to push the back of the injured hand down and hold it for 15 to 30 seconds, then they pull the hand back and hold for the same amount of time.

Holding a can, first with the palm up, and then palm down, and bending the wrist upward, strengthens the wrist, states Summit Medical Group. Gradually increasing the weight of the can or other object improves healing. Squeezing a soft rubber ball for five seconds strengthens the grip.

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