What Type of Treatment Is Used for Peyronie's Disease?


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Surgery, medication and vitamin therapy are types of treatments used for Peyronie's disease, according to WebMD. Treatment options are often based on the severity of the condition. If the patient experiences pain, doctors may also treat the discomfort with medication.

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Several surgical options are available, WebMD explains. Two of the most common involve either removing the plaque or removing tissue opposite the plaque, which stops the penis from bending. These surgeries have side effects, such as a shortening of the erect penis and a chance of erectile dysfunction. If the patient already has significant erectile dysfunction, the doctor may choose to implant a penile prosthesis.

Surgical outcomes are usually good, WebMD reports, but because of the side effects, it is not an option for many men. Most physicians perform surgery on the worst cases, such as men with extreme curvature that prevents sexual intercourse.

A medication called Xiaflex, relatively new in 2015, is also a treatment option, WebMD states. It typically involves four treatments, each consisting of two injections of the drug. Researchers believe Xiaflex works by breaking down the plaque in the penis. Some relief has also been found in some patients with the use of Vitamin E and para-aminobenzoate, a substance related to B-complex vitamins.

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