What Type of Treatment Is Available for a Gastric Ulcer?


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Although treatment options can depend on the direct cause or risk factors associated with a gastric ulcers, some possible ways to treat them are through lifestyle modification, different medicines, antibiotics, an endoscopic procedure and surgery, explains WebMD. Before treatment can begin, the underlying cause for the ulcer must be diagnosed. Although a main cause for a gastric ulcer can be an infection of the bacteria Heliobacter pylori, some other risk factors for the ulcerare being a smoker, excessive consumption of alcohol, taking NSAIDs like ibuprofen oraspirin and excess stomach acid, relates Johns Hopkins Medicine.

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A gastric or stomach ulcer is a type of peptic ulcer in which a lesiondevelops in the stomach lining. The other type of peptic acid is a duodenal ulcer, reports the American College of Gastroenterology. Some symptoms of a gastric ulcer are a painful and burning sensation in the abdominal region, vomiting and feeling bloated. When the gastric ulcer is quite severe, a symptom can be dark stool due to bleeding.

When the causes are factors like smoking, alcohol use, or taking NSAIDs, then a doctor may recommend a treatment like lifestyle changes where the person must avoid these practices. Antibiotics are atreatment option for an infection, while a proton pump inhibitor is a useful drug when the cause is stomach acid.A bleeding ulcer may be repaired through an endoscopic procedure, and surgery is necessary to repair a hole in the stomach wall caused by the ulcer.

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