What Type of Treatment Is Available for Fuchs' Dystrophy?

What Type of Treatment Is Available for Fuchs' Dystrophy?

Treatments available for Fuchs' dystrophy include eye medication, wearing soft contact lenses and, for advanced cases, surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Some patients find relief from home remedies such as drying the eyes with a hair dryer or using an over-the-counter salt solution and wraparound sunglasses.

Advanced Fuchs' dystrophy usually requires surgery to improve vision, Mayo Clinic explains. The most common surgery is an outpatient procedure in which the back of the cornea is replaced with healthy tissue. Occasionally the entire cornea may be replaced.

Wearing soft contact lenses helps some patients, Mayo Clinic reports. The lenses help alleviate symptoms by reducing swelling of the cornea.

Prescription eye drops or ointments may help reduce the fluid buildup in the cornea, Mayo Clinic says. Sometimes patients find that an over-the-counter salt solution lessens symptoms.

Drying the eyes with a hair dryer several times a day can help dry up blisters and swelling on the cornea's surface and reduce fluid buildup, Mayo Clinic states. Patients are instructed to hold the hair dryer at arm's length and to only use warm, not hot, air.

Wearing wraparound sunglasses with UV protection helps prevent glare caused by Fuchs' dystrophy, Mayo Clinic says. Keeping the eyes protected can make them feel better.