What Type of Things Should You Say If Performing a Eulogy for Your Best Friend?


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The first step for someone performing a eulogy for his best friend is to brainstorm ideas. In addition to helping prepare the speech itself, remembering happy times with the deceased offers the individual the chance for emotional catharsis to help him process his grief.

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The person giving the eulogy should brainstorm by asking himself questions about the deceased. These include what the deceased was known for, the impression he left on others, his favorite memories of the deceased, and what influence the deceased had on those around him. Other brainstorming questions include what made the deceased quirky or unique, what was funny about him, and what the performer wished he could have said to his friend before the friend died.

The eulogy itself should have a tone matching the personality of the deceased, with the speaker offering a sober eulogy for a solemn friend or a more whimsical eulogy for a lighthearted friend. The content of the eulogy should revolve around a chosen theme and should avoid unnecessary backstory, since many of the people present share memories of the deceased. The speaker should also consult with the funeral venue about whether there is a time limit on his eulogy.

The speaker should introduce himself and his purpose, tell chronological memories and stories of the deceased and then wrap up the eulogy's themes.

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