What type of surgery does a dropped bladder require?


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Bladder prolapse surgery treats a dropped bladder, according to WebMD. During the surgery, torn or loose tissue in the prolapse area is pulled together to correct a prolapse that usually occurs during vaginal birth. This surgery improves symptoms and prevents future prolapses.

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The procedure involves going through the wall of the vagina to secure the bladder into an appropriate position, notes WebMD. The surgeon then closes the prolapsed region and strengthens the vaginal wall.

Surgery is not required for all instances of bladder prolapse, according to WebMD. It is not recommended unless the prolapse is causing interference in a woman���s daily routines. Many women have bladder prolapse to a certain extent, although not all women experience symptoms. Symptoms may include urinary incontinence, difficulty urinating and pain during sex.

Pelvic prolapse surgery takes place under general anesthesia, and most women remain hospitalized for a day or two following the procedure, notes WebMD. They can resume normal activity within six weeks of surgery, although they need to avoid strenuous activity, including standing for long periods or heavy lifting, for the first three months. They can resume sex within six weeks. Women can expect normal urinary function within two to six weeks following the procedure.

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