What Type of Questions Are on a Pregnancy Quiz?


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The pregnancy quiz from babyMed asks potential mothers what type of birth control they are on, their age and how they calculate their ovulation. The test also asks if the woman is having regular menstrual cycles, if she has sex during fertile days and if she has nausea.

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Some other questions the babyMed pregnancy quiz asks are if the woman's breasts are tender and if she has nausea. If she answers yes to these questions, the potential for pregnancy increases, notes babyMed. If the woman bleeds more than usual, she is less likely to be pregnant, but if she answers that she is tired more than usual, pregnancy is more likely.

The quiz from babyMed also asks potential mothers if they crave unusual foods, if they are constipated or if they urinate more than usual, which are both signs of a pregnancy. If the mother misses her period for more than two weeks, there is a good chance that she is pregnant, states babyMed.

Some women experience the symptoms from the quiz right after ovulation, but they are not pregnant, states babyMed. Even if a woman experiences these symptoms, she is not pregnant until a pregnancy test comes back positive. For some women, these symptoms arise right after they miss a period.

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