What Type of Products Does the Zija Weight Loss Program Use?

What Type of Products Does the Zija Weight Loss Program Use?

The Zija weight loss program includes nutritional teas, drink powders, herbal supplements, appetite suppressants and protein mixes. The program encourages participants to use a combination of the products for success with the program.

The Zija Weight Management System uses nutrient-dense products to help promote weight loss and overall health. XMProtein, Zija's protein mix, comes in Dutch Chocolate and Vanilla Bean and helps build muscles when used in conjunction with exercise. XMBurn is a metabolism booster composed of antioxidants and other essential nutrients taken in capsule form. XMam, another capsule, is used as part of the program for an energy boost and contains ingredients, such as green coffee beans, that help motivate users to be more active.

To ensure rest at the end of the day and a strong night's sleep, XMpm helps reduce stress and increase relaxation at the end of a long day, with natural ingredients such as Atlantic sea kelp. It is also taken as a capsule.

SmartMix, SuperMix, and XM+ Energy Mix are powdered mixes that can be put into water bottles for an easy vitamin, nutrition or energy boost. Lastly, the Daily and Premium Teas offer natural herbal mixes that help suppress appetite, calm nerves and rid the body of toxins.

Zija Weight Management offers several natural remedies for a healthy weight and overall healthy lifestyle, condensing several essential vitamins and nutrients that aren't always obtained in food into an easy-to-use, health-promoting system.