What Type of Injuries Does a Level 1 Trauma Center Handle?


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A level 1 trauma center handles traumatic injuries requiring prompt, specialized care, particularly head injuries or acute spinal cord injuries, according to Indiana University Health. The center offers fast medical treatment for severe or rare injuries caused by external forces.

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Level 1 trauma centers use advanced equipment to provide immediate treatment during the critical period following a traumatic injury, explains Indiana University Health. Well-trained health care professionals work together to provide complete care for any kind of trauma, from preventing complications to rehabilitating injured patients. They offer their medical expertise at all hours, seven days a week. Compared to the emergency department of local hospitals, level 1 trauma centers have experienced trauma surgeons and specialized personnel capable of handling complex injuries.

Gunshot wounds and serious injuries resulting from vehicle accidents are traumatic injuries that require care at a trauma center, notes Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. In comparison, the emergency department of a hospital manages emergency diseases and injuries, such as persistent vomiting or severe diarrhea.

Injuries associated with fires, burns, drowning, violence or falls also need care at a trauma center, states the UC San Diego Health System. Medical care starts before a patient reaches the hospital, whether the patient arrives by ambulance or helicopter. Patients with a severe injury affecting different systems or require prompt surgery or resuscitation receive treatment at a trauma center.

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