What Type of Information Does the Laser Spine Institute Offer?


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Laser Spine Institute offers information on a variety of orthopedic issues, including degenerative disk disease, sciatica, bone spurs and spinal stenosis, as well as the various treatment options available. It provides information regarding pain management, surgical options and exercises to help with neck and back pain, explains Laser Spine Institute.

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Degenerative disk disease is a progressive disease that causes pain due to deterioration in the spinal vertebral disks, according to Laser Spine Institute. It occurs in all sections of the neck and spine, and different treatments are used depending on the severity of the disease. Information found at Laser Spine Institute discusses symptoms, how doctors diagnose the disease and the most effective conservative treatments.

Laser Spine Institute's website and blog describe noninvasive treatment options for spine problems, including helpful stretches, exercises and lifestyle modifications. Pain management techniques, such as medications and steroid injections, are explained in detail. The Laser Spine Institute also outlines the goals of treatment and why patients should utilize conservative therapies to alleviate pain before trying more invasive procedures..

Laser Spine Institute also details surgical treatment options. For patients for whom conservative therapies fails, doctors may recommend open spine surgery, bone grafts and bone fusions, as stated by Laser Spine Institute.

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