What Type of Heart Monitoring Service Does CardioNet Provide?

What Type of Heart Monitoring Service Does CardioNet Provide?

CardioNet provides real-time, wireless telemetry monitoring of patients experiencing infrequent yet potentially life-threatening heart arrhythmias. Holter monitors, usually worn for 24 to 48 hours, may not be able to record cardiac arrhythmias in individuals who, due to the infrequency of their symptoms, are considered モasymptomatic,ヤ according to CardioNet.

Time is critical in cardiac events. Swift diagnosis and treatment reduces patient mortality and can lessen the severity of both current and future episodes. Peole often experience severe anxiety during cardiac incidents, and immediate feedback and action can reduce stress during an event, CardioNet explains.

CardioNet was formed in 1999. Its founders combined years of research into wireless telemetry, GPS technology and cardiac monitoring to create the first instantaneous, round-the-clock cardiac monitoring and reporting technology. CardioNet states the companyメs mission is モproviding better information to improve human health."

CardioNet accomplishes its purpose by helping doctors better manage their patients through mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry. The technology monitors and analyzes patient cardiac data 365 days per year. The system also records patientsメ real-time responses to treatment while they are at home or away. The FDA approved CardioNetメs main technology in 2002, and the company opened its first center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the same year, notes CardioNet.

Cardio Net is a subsidiary of BioTelemetry, Inc., a holding company CardioNet formed in 2013, reports BioTelemetry, Inc.