What Type of Food Should You Eat on a Diet for Acid Reflux?


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For people with acid reflux, it is important to eat foods that do not result in heartburn, such as apples, carrots, chicken breast and fat-free sour cream, according to About.com. Other foods that do not generally cause heartburn include white or multigrain bread, low-fat salad dressing and red licorice.

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Bananas, green beans, extra-lean ground beef and feta cheese are fairly safe foods for those suffering from acid reflux, states About.com. Pretzels, mineral water, graham crackers and jelly beans are also relatively safe. This is not a complete list of foods that are safe to eat when experiencing acid reflux, but it is a good place to start. Many times doctors recommend that a patient keep a diary of the foods that are eaten in order to find out what triggers acid reflux in an individual. The patient may find that he can safely eat some foods known to cause acid reflux, but he should avoid others.

Since there are some foods that aggravate acid reflux symptoms, it is best to avoid these foods completely, explains About.com. Some of these known heartburn causing foods include fried foods, peppermint, coffee and chocolate. Alcohol consumption also often aggravates acid reflux. There are also behaviors that may aggravate acid reflux, such as smoking, wearing tight clothing and chewing gum.

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