What Type of Doctor Treats Aorta Valve Stenosis?


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The doctor involved in the primary treatment of aortic valve stenosis is a cardiologist, states Mayo Clinic. Aortic valve stenosis is a condition that affects the heart, and treatment requires surgery.

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Primary care physicians play a role in monitoring the patient's condition if the stenosis is not life-threatening enough to indicate surgery, as the American Heart Association states. Even if the stenosis is not immediately life-threatening, primary care physicians often refer their patients to a cardiologist. The cardiologist performs an echocardiogram and medical tests to determine the course of treatment. Primary care physicians cannot treat the condition directly but just monitor it before it gets worse. Two common treatments, both surgical in nature, are valve replacement and valve repair, and these procedures require cardiologists.

If treatment is indicated, it is performed by a team of cardiologists, as described by The New York Times. There are no drug treatments available, so surgery is the only option, as of 2016,. This surgery can be very high risk, especially in patients with severe stenosis or patients who are old and frail.

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