What Type of Doctor Specializes in Neuropathy?


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A neurologist, or any physician who is certified to handle nerve diseases, is able to treat neuropathy, according to WebMD. The doctor must be certified by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine or a certified nerve conduction technologist, as specified by the ABEM.

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What Type of Doctor Specializes in Neuropathy?
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Neuropathy is also treated by an acupuncturist or a chiropractic physician, states PDR Health. Some integrative methods that provide a more holistic treatment include taking herbal supplements and fish oils.

Neuropathy is more broadly known as peripheral neuropathy, and it is caused by nerve damage. Diabetes is often the cause of neuropathy. However, other culprits include repetitive injury, metabolic issues, drugs, toxins and infection, states Medical News Today.

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