What Type of Doctor Should You Visit If You Think You Have a Lung Disease?

Specialists who treat lung diseases include oncologists, pulmonologists, radiation oncologists and thoracic surgeons. However, people who suspect they have a lung disease should start by seeing a general practitioner or family practitioner to get a referral to a specialist if necessary, explain Mayo Clinic.

Oncologists treat cancer, including lung cancer. Radiation oncologists specialize in using radiation treatments for cancer. People who need lung surgery must be seen by a thoracic surgeon. Pulmonologists are general lung specialists who diagnose and treat diseases of the lung including cancer. Lung specialists of all types are likely to ask a person when he first experienced symptoms, the severity of his symptoms, whether he is taking any medication, and whether he has been diagnosed with lung diseases such as emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to Mayo Clinic.