What Type of Diet Is Prescribed for Someone With Prediabetes?


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People diagnosed with prediabetes should manage portions, avoid sugary beverages, emphasize fiber and lean meats, moderate alcohol consumption, and select healthy fats, according to Everyday Health. The purpose behind these principles for prediabetics is to keep blood sugar at a consistent level.

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What Type of Diet Is Prescribed for Someone With Prediabetes?
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Sweet tea, sugary soda and juice are all high in sugar but don't make a person feel full. Because these calories come with no benefits, they are considered empty, and the lack of a full feeling makes them a risk for obesity, notes Everyday Health.

Portion control is also an important principle for prediabetics. Starchy foods such as white potatoes, pasta and white rice are still acceptable but must be eaten in smaller portions. Pulling snacks that are high in calories and almost nil in nutritional value altogether from the diet is another recommendation, Everyday Health reports.

Vegetables, beans, whole grains and fruits are all high in fiber and should occupy a significant percentage of a prediabetic's diet. In fact, at least half of the plate at mealtime should contain fruits and vegetables, and preparation for vegetables should be limited to steaming or sauteeing in a healthy fat. Canned vegetables are acceptable but should have as little salt as possible, advises Everyday Health.

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