What Type of Diet Plan Helps to Lower Triglycerides?


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Diet plans that helps lower triglycerides include the Mediterranean diet and other diets that focus on healthy fats, explains the Mayo Clinic. Diets low in calories, refined foods, trans fat and alcohol lower triglyceride levels.

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What Type of Diet Plan Helps to Lower Triglycerides?
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Triglycerides are fat in the blood that the body uses for energy, WebMD clarifies. Healthy bodies need triglycerides, but high levels of this type of fat cause heart disease.

The Mediterranean diet's goal is to eliminate saturated fats and hydrogenated oils that increase the risk for heart disease, the Mayo Clinic says. The diet is a heart-healthy option because it replaces these fats with healthier foods that the body needs. The diet consists of mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and plant foods make up the majority of meals. Nuts and seeds serve as protein sources, while olive oil replaces butter. The diet includes at least two servings of fish per week, and encourages low-fat dairy products. Red meat is not recommended more than a few times every month.

The Mayo Clinic points out that sugary foods or foods made with white flour increase the risk of high triglyceride levels. A healthy diet also limits alcohol consumption. Even small amounts of alcohol raise triglyceride levels. Trans fat foods that contain partially hydrogenated oil, such as fried foods and processed baked goods, need to be avoided completely for a healthy triglyceride diet.

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