What Type of Diet Can Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis?


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Medical research has not proven that certain diets or foods can treat or cure multiple sclerosis, but some patients may find that a special diet can help ease the symptoms of the disease, explains WebMD. Diets that have been deemed helpful for people with multiple sclerosis include the Swank diet with low levels of saturated fats, a gluten-free diet and the Wahls diet that promotes approximately nine cups of fruits and vegetables each day.

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Diets supplemented with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may help ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis when monitored by a medical professional, explains WebMD. People with multiple sclerosis can also benefit from supplementing their vitamin D intake. Symptoms may also ease if patients boost the fiber in their diets and cut out saturated fat.

People with multiple sclerosis can opt to eat a healthy diet rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits to boost overall physical and mental well-being, explains the Mayo Clinic. Engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, exercise and relaxation techniques may also help relieve symptoms of muscle pain and fatigue. Some patients choose alternative care such as acupuncture or massage to complement a healthy eating plan while coping with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

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