What Type of Counseling Is Effective for Females With a Poor Body Image?


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Cognitive behavioral therapy, psychoanalytic counseling and group counseling are effective therapies for females who suffer from poor body image, explains the Counselling Directory in the United Kingdom. Cognitive behavioral and psychoanalytic counselors work one-on-one with a client, while group counseling creates a support network with others suffering from similar problems.

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Cognitive behavioral therapists work with clients to improve self-awareness and break cycles of negative thoughts and behavior, according to the Counselling Directory. Through monitoring negative thoughts and erroneous beliefs about body image, the client develops greater self-esteem and learns to break self-destructive thought patterns. Psychoanalytic counseling establishes a rapport between patient and counselor. Through talk therapy, patients attempt to find and resolve the source of their poor self-esteem.

Group therapy is also useful for women suffering from poor body image. Sufferers may feel isolated, depressed and pressured to conform to beauty standards, explains the Brigham Young University Counseling Center. Attending group therapy can introduce women to a support system of people with similar problems, breaking the isolation. Group therapy is also a good option for those uncomfortable with one-on-one counselling.

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