What Type of Care Is Necessary After Removal of a Toenail?


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After toenail removal surgery, patients should elevate the foot, keep the area clean and dry, rest the foot for several days, and avoid nail trauma, as instructed by Drugs.com. They should also take any antibiotics, anti-fungal medications or pain medications as directed.

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What Type of Care Is Necessary After Removal of a Toenail?
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After surgery, patients should elevate the foot above the heart to reduce pain and swelling as directed by a doctor, according to Drugs.com. When patients have permission to bathe, they should gently clean the area with soap and water before applying a clean bandage. A new bandage is also necessary any time that an old one becomes wet or soiled. They should follow medical instructions about when to return to work or sports, and they should avoid tight-fitting shoes.

Patients should not wait until pain is severe before taking pain medication, and they should contact a doctor if they experience side effects or if the medication is not helping, as encouraged by Drugs.com. They may need to take prescribed antibiotics to help prevent bacterial infections and an oral or topical anti-fungal to prevent fungal infections. Patients should contact a health care professional if symptoms worsen or fever is present, and they should seek emergency medical care if the wound has pus drainage, blood soaks the bandages or they experience sudden shortness of breath.

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