What Type of Burn Is the Result of Current Flowing Through and Exiting the Body?

type-burn-result-current-flowing-through-exiting-body Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

According to the Merck Manuals, the result of a live electrical current flowing through and exiting the body is an electrical burn. However, according to the Mayo Clinic, an electrical injury does not always show as a burn on the skin.

If skin burns are present, they are usually around the points where the electrical current entered and left the body, WebMD explains. Other symptoms of electrical injury include broken bones, muscle spasms, breathing problems, heart attack, headache and seizures, according to Medline Plus.

The Merck Manual states that the severity of the symptoms depends on the current’s voltage, the duration of exposure, the pathway the current takes through the body, the type of current and its intensity.