What Is Tylenol 3?


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Tylenol 3 is a medication that contains acetaminophen and codeine. While acetaminophen is an analgesic, codeine is a narcotic substance. The main use of this medication is for pain relief.

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People taking Tylenol 3 should follow their doctor's specific instruction on dosage. It is advisable to have food with this medication to minimize stomach problems or nausea. When taking this medication, it also is important not to use other narcotic medications or alcohol.

Some possible side effects can be an allergic reaction, swallowing or breathing difficulties, blurred vision and dizziness. Similarly, there can be interaction with other prescriptions that include sleeping pills, anti-depressants, anxiety medications or muscle relaxers. People with certain medical conditions like kidney disease or brain disorders should consult with their doctors before taking this medication.

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