What Is Tuscon Medical Weight Loss?

What Is Tuscon Medical Weight Loss?

Tucson Medical Weight Loss is a weight-loss clinic located in Tucson, Arizona. With locations in La Cholla and Swan, the facility combines a patented prescription medication with a three-step weight loss program to ensure results, according to the official website.

Clients at this weight-loss clinic receive individualized and holistic guidance so their specific lifestyle needs are incorporated into the weight-loss plan. All plans are medically supervised and completed under the guidance of a bariatric physician.

Tucson Medical Weight Loss is best known for its exclusive weight-loss medication, RM3. When added to an exercise and diet plan, this medication helps clients achieve and maintain weight loss. The medication, which consists of natural and medical-grade hormones and antioxidants, is safe and side-effect free according to the clinic's website.

The facility also offers medical spa treatments, including skin-rejuvenating injections, chemical peels, facial treatments and laser hair removal. It also has its own line of skin care products, according to the Med Spa page of the website.

For unwanted fat that cannot be shed by diet and exercise, the clinic offers CoolSculpting, a body-contouring technology that eliminates fat cells without affecting other tissues. Created by Harvard scientists and FDA-cleared, this technology delivers the results of liposuction without surgery, according to the Tucson Medical Weight Loss website.