Are Tums Safe for Children?


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There are Tums that are specifically made for children, which would be a safe choice. The dosage for children depends on the weight and age of a child. Parents with children below the age of two will need to seek medical advice prior to dispensing the medicine.

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Children between the ages of 2 and 4 should be given one half of a tablet, while those over the age of 4 should be given one tablet, as stated by TUMS. One must follow the instructions provided on the label while giving a child the drugs. If a person is not sure about the dosage, he or she should seek a doctor's help.

Tums chewable tablets are antacids used in treating upset stomach, heartburn, acid indigestion and sour stomach, as stated by Drugs.com. Tums is also used in treating calcium deficiency. The main ingredient in the tables is calcium carbonate. There are also several inactive ingredients that are available in Tums for kids, such as sucrose, corn starch, dextrose, flavor, sorbitol and guar gum among others.

Medical advice may be required if a child is using other prescription drugs. Keeping the drug out of children's reach is always an important precaution.

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