How Do You Know If You Have a Tumor in Your Ear?


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A person knows that he has a tumor in his ear after undergoing some tests by his physician, according to Mayo Clinic. These tests include a hearing test and scans such as computerized tomography or CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging scans, or MRI.

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The symptoms of an ear tumor such as an acoustic neuroma can be nonspecific, according to Mayo Clinic. They can be the same as other, more benign conditions. Symptoms of an acoustic neuroma include gradual hearing loss in the affected ear, ringing in the ear, vertigo, clumsiness and facial numbness. Sometimes, the hearing loss is sudden. Though an acoustic neuroma is benign, it can grow large enough to press on the brainstem, which is a life-threatening condition.

Other tumors of the ear include ear canal cancer and the glomus tumor, claims Cleveland Clinic. If caught early, ear canal cancer has a high survival rate, though it requires removing the ear canal, the eardrum and the tiny bones that contribute to hearing. The surgeon also removes lymph glands in the area, and the patient may undergo a course of radiation.

Like the acoustic neuroma, the glomus tumor is also benign, but because it grows so close to the brain, it can be dangerous, posits Cleveland Clinic. Surgery usually cures it permanently.

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