What Does TryFoodLovers Serve?


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TryFoodLovers does not actually serve food but rather, it is a weight-loss program consisting of several handbooks to guide dieters on their weight-loss journey. The Food Lovers Fat Loss System program includes nine different guides, ranging from step-by-step plans to audio CD's.

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The various handbooks and guides included in their program are the "21 Day Metabolism Makeover" step-by-step guide, the "How To Make A Fat-Loss Plate" guide, the "Eating Out Advisor," "The Love to Eat Cookbook" and the "Million Meals Menu Planner". Also included are the "Snack And Treat Guide," the "Classic Comfort Foods Recipe Cards," the "Fat-Loss Secrets Day-By-Day CD Series" and the "Food Lovers For Life" maintenance program.

The system is built on the premise that food is not the enemy. It seeks to reconcile an understanding of how metabolism works with the art of smart food choices. The program emphasizes a relaxed yet mindful approach towards food that does not deny dieters the pleasure of consuming their favorite foods, but instead recommends ways they can have those foods while maximizing the metabolism's potential for fat-burning. The program also encourages eating more often in order to maintain optimum blood sugar level and ensure an active metabolism all day long.

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