What Is "The Truth About Six-Pack Abs"?


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"The Truth About Six-Pack Abs" is a book by Mike Geary that gives instructions for burning body fat and toning the muscles of the abdomen in an effort to achieve what is commonly known as a "six-pack" ab look. The book contains several exercises designed to work the abdominal muscles. Exercises are categorized by fitness level, and beginner routines are shorter than advanced. Routines take between 25 and 45 minutes.

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Geary has included several other components in the book to aid in achieving stronger abdominal muscles. Exercises are illustrated with color photos, and there are detailed instructions for performing them correctly.

In addition to exercises, Geary includes advice on diet and nutrition. There is information on the basics of nutrition, such as calorie intake and how to manage fat and cholesterol. The reader is educated on the amount of protein needed in the diet, Geary's personal view on carbohydrates, the types of foods that help burn fat and the best time of the day to consume meals. Several recipes suitable for individuals following Geary's methods are included in the book.

There is also guidance on how different individuals are affected by diet and fitness. Women, for example, often have lower caloric needs than men.

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