What Is Trigger Finger?


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Trigger finger is a condition that causes a finger to become stuck in a bent position, according to Mayo Clinic. It may straighten with a snap, but in severe cases, the finger becomes locked in position. Trigger finger causes pain at the base of the finger or thumb, and straightening the bent digit is also painful. The condition occurs as a result of inflamed tendons in the finger or thumb, states WebMD.

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What Is Trigger Finger?
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When a tendon becomes inflamed, it has to glide through a tendon sheath that is too narrow, which creates a pop with digit bending, reports WebMD. Inflamed tendons often result from repetitive movements or forceful use of a thumb or finger, and individuals in occupations that require these movements are more likely to develop trigger finger. Rheumatoid arthritis, gout and diabetes also may lead to inflamed tendons.

Patients usually experience trigger finger in the thumb or ring or middle finger, states Mayo Clinic. It sometimes occurs in more than one finger at the same time. The condition can progress from mild to severe, and early symptoms include morning finger stiffness, a sensation of popping or clicking with finger movement, and a bump at the base of the finger.

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