What Are Some Tricks to Stop Drinking?


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To stop drinking, try to spend time only with people who encourage a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle, recommends WebMD. Avoiding people, places and events that encourage or are associated with drinking alcohol is a helpful trick to stop drinking.

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One trick to quit drinking is to make other plans when the temptation to drink occurs, states WebMD. Avoid people who drink frequently, and stay away from bars. Remove all alcoholic beverages from the home, and never buy more. Quitting drinking is an excellent time to pick up a new hobby to stay occupied and keep the focus off of drinking. Crafts, sports and musical instruments are all excellent distractions.

Those who are dependent on alcohol should speak to a physician before attempting to quit, notes WebMD. Alcohol withdrawals can be severe and dangerous if quitting is done suddenly without professional help. It is a good idea to speak to friends, family members and other loved ones for support.

Those who are trying to reduce their alcohol intake over time should learn how to decline a drink politely but firmly, recommends WebMD. Wait at least one hour between each drink, and only consume alcohol after eating food. Pick at least one day per week when alcohol is banned, and try to increase the frequency of those alcohol-free days.

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