What Are Some Tricks to Lose Weight Fast?


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Tricks to lose weight fast are to stop using a food scale, keep fruit in easily accessible places for a healthy snack alternative, drink protein shakes to stay fuller longer, use small dishes to control portion sizes and brush teeth after dinner to avoid eating dessert, notes Health magazine. Additional tips are to use before-and-after photos to track progress, drink strictly water and wear tight clothes for motivation.

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Health also recommends placing leftovers into storage containers immediately after serving meals to avoid eating second helpings. Prevention suggests finding small activities at home to increase physical exertion, such as hiding the remote control for the television, taking clothing to the laundry room in several trips, walking between rooms to speak to family members instead of yelling at them, finishing small to-do projects around the house, doing yard work instead of hiring help and having the newspaper delivered to the end of the driveway instead of to the front door.

To increase exercise at work, Prevention recommends standing up or pacing around during phone calls, setting an alarm on the computer as a reminder to walk away from the desk for a few minutes, purchasing an under-desk pedaling machine, visiting colleagues in different areas of the building for small talk and walking to local restaurants with friends during lunch breaks.

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