What Are Some Tricep Workouts Without Weights?


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Exercises that work out the triceps without requiring weights include regular push ups, close-grip push ups, and tricep dips. These exercises use body weight rather than dumbbells or machines to work and tone the muscles.

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What Are Some Tricep Workouts Without Weights?
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Regular push ups work the triceps because the tripcep muscles must support the body. To perform a push up, get in a plank position with the body elevated and the hands placed shoulder-width apart. Lower the body by slowly bending the arms until they reach 45-degree angles. Straighten the elbows to raise the body and complete the push up.

Modified push-up versions target different areas of the chest, but they all stimulate the triceps.

A close-grip push up specifically targets the triceps. It's performed by placing the hands very close together on the floor and then performing an otherwise regular push up. Positioning the hands close together shifts the pressure from the chest to the triceps.

The final weight-free exercise is the tricep dip. Sit on the floor, facing away from a sturdy table or chair. Place the palms on the edge of the table or chair, and raise the body off the floor. Bend the elbows at 90-degree angles. Slowly raise and lower the body by bending and unbending the arms.

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