How Do You Get a Free Trial Pair of Colored Contacts?

Some brands of contact lenses, such as Acuvue, Freshlook and Air Optix, offer free trial packs of colored and clear contact lenses; you can get a free trial pair by visiting the brands' participating offices. A valid prescription or an eye exam may be required before getting a free trial pack.

To get a free trial pair of colored contacts at Acuvue, visit its official website at and click Get Your Free Trial Lenses on the left sidebar of the page. Provide the required information and click Get Your Certificate. Print the certificate and bring it in any participating office. You may need to get an eye exam and a valid prescription at the store before getting the free trial pack. Professional fees for the eye exam and fitting of the contacts may apply.

To access the free trial form for Freshlook free trial packs, go to and click Get Free Trial on the top menu. Answer the questions by selecting an option on the drop-down menu and provide the necessary personal information. Freshlook saves the information on its EyeFile system and automatically adds you to its membership list. Just like Acuvue, Freshlook may also require you to get an eye exam to get a free trial pair of contacts.

Air Optix offers free in-office colored contacts on Click Get Free In-Office Trial to go to the EyeFile system site. Complete the registration to get the necessary certificate. Professional fees for an eye exam may also apply.