What Are the Treatments for White Spots on the Skin?


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There are a number of treatments for white spots on the skin including sunscreen, skin grafting, depigmentation of unaffected areas, cosmetics, corticosteroid creams and re-pigmentation by UV light therapy. WebMD notes that these treatments are more of improvements of the skin appearance rather than a cure.

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White spots on the skin are often attributed as part of a medical condition known as vitiligo. Loss of skin pigmentation causes vitiligo as a result of the destruction of melanocytes, states WebMD. Melanocytes are pigment forming cells in the skin. WebMD notes that vitiligo affects several body parts especially areas exposed to the sun, body folds, around body openings and areas previously injured. Additionally, it affects all races despite being more visible in dark-skinned people.

Sunscreen helps to protect the skin that lacks pigmentation from sunburn reaction. In addition, it limits the tanning of the normal skin that is pigmented, notes American Vitiligo Research Foundation. Cosmetics and dyes help to cover up the white spots and make them less noticeable.

The American Vitiligo Research Foundation details that skin grafting involves transplant of a patient’s normal skin to the affected areas. It further notes that skin grafting and re-pigmentation by UV light therapy are best done at an approved facility. For practical and safe treatment of vitiligo in the initial stages, corticosteroid creams are helpful.

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