What Are Some Treatments for Toe Warts?

Doctors treat warts using lasers, minor surgery, liquid nitrogen and various medications, according to WebMD. Over-the-counter medication is also available. Warts on the feet are difficult to treat because the majority of the wart lies deeper in the tissue.

Warts are harmless skin growths resulting from a specific strain of the human papillomavirus, says WebMD. Warts occurring on the feet or toes are plantar warts. Most plantar warts are fairly small, but they can form clusters called mosaic warts.

A common wart treatment at the doctor's office is liquid nitrogen, which simply freezes the wart away. A doctor can also burn the wart away using a laser or chemicals, such as bichloroacetic or trichloroacetic acid, states Mayo Clinic. A common over-the-counter wart treatment is salicylic acid, which peels a wart away layer by layer. This is an especially effective treatment in combination with liquid nitrogen.

Warts can heal on their own without treatment, explains Mayo Clinic. Most warts heal within two years, but since they result from a virus, they may continue to spread during that time. They may also spread to other people. An excellent way to combat warts is to excite the immune system, allowing it to fight the virus naturally.