What Are the Treatments for Teeth With Significant Bone Loss?


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The treatments for teeth with significant bone loss are various types of surgery, including bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration and enamel matrix derivative application, according to Mayo Clinic. Bone loss around teeth generally occurs because of a serious gum infection known as periodontitis.

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Bone grafting involves implanting bone to replace the bone lost around teeth, which helps prevent tooth loss by holding them in place, says Mayo Clinic. This bone can be taken from another part of the body of the patient, or it can be donated or synthetic. This graft also serves as a platform for the growth of new bone.

One type of guided tissue regeneration uses a special type of fabric that is tolerated well by the body, Mayo Clinic explains. This fabric is placed between any remaining bone and the tooth it supports, and it prevents the entry of any unwanted tissue and gives the bone a chance to grow.

Enamel matrix derivative application is the use of a special gel that contains the same proteins as developing tooth enamel, according to Mayo Clinic. This gel is normally applied to a diseased tooth root, and it stimulates the growth of healthy bone and other tissues in the mouth.

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