What Are Some Treatments for Syringoma?


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Dermatologists use Bichloroacetic acid and electrocautery for treatment of syringoma, says Bottom Line Health. At-home remedies, such as steam treatments, pinching and creams, are not effective and can cause damage to the skin.

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Bichloroacetic acid provides excellent results for most patients with syringomas, according to Bottom Line Health. Treatment involves applying the medication to the head of the syringoma, which causes a temporary burning sensation. After treatment, the syringoma forms a crust that falls off within 10 days. This treatment normally does not leave any lasting skin discoloration, holes or bumps. Most patients have excellent results after only one treatment.

Electrocautery is a treatment option when bichloroacetic acid is not effective, states Bottom Line Health. This treatment requires use of a local anesthetic to numb the area. The dermatologist then uses a tiny probe to send an electric current directly into the syringoma and burn it away. Multiple treatments may be necessary to completely remove the syringoma, and the treatment may cause skin discoloration or leave small holes in the skin. Doctors normally schedule electrocautery treatments three or four weeks apart to allow the area to heal between treatments.

The cost of syringoma treatment varies based on factors such as treatment type and patient location. Insurance companies usually consider syringoma treatment a cosmetic procedure and do not cover the procedures.

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