What Are the Treatments for a Swollen Foot Caused by Diabetes?


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Treatments for a swollen foot caused by diabetes include exercising regularly; massaging and elevating the feet; wearing compression stockings and bandages; reducing salt intake; wearing comfortable shoes and paying attention to posture, according to The Health Site. Even minor swelling should be reported to a physician.

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Exercise improves circulation to the legs and helps stabilize blood-sugar levels. Elevating the feet above the heart level for 10 to 15 minutes a day helps reduce swelling, while a foot massage eases pain. Compression stockings and bandages exert pressure on the feet and force retained fluids to return to the lymphatic system. Limiting salt intake keeps blood pressure from rising and triggering swelling. A diabetic should not stand or sit for long periods of time to avoid the numbness associated with reduced circulation, advises The Health Site.

Swollen feet are due to damaged blood capillaries and poor circulation. Damaged capillaries cause the leakage of fluids into surrounding tissues, which causes the swelling. While swelling of the feet and legs is a common symptom in diabetics, it may lead to complications such as infections, foot ulcers or diabetic neuropathy. This is why it is important for a diabetic to notify his physician about any changes he notices in his body.

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