What Are Some Treatments for Sun Allergies?


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Treatments for sun allergies include medications and phototherapy, explains Mayo Clinic. Avoiding direct sunlight for a period of time may also help cure sun allergies, especially less severe ones. A doctor recommends a suitable treatment option according to the type of sun allergy an individual suffers.

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What Are Some Treatments for Sun Allergies?
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The medications that can be used to treat sun allergies include over-the-counter and prescriptive corticosteroid-rich creams, says Mayo Clinic. A prednisone corticosteroid pill prescription may be a suitable remedy for a sun allergy that is more serious. Certain sun allergy types are also curable with hydroxychloroquine, which is a medication for malaria.

Therapy for sun allergy is suitable for severe allergic reactions and involves gradual adaptation of the skin to the sun, states Mayo Clinic. During the therapy, the doctor projects ultraviolet light rays from a special lamp to skin parts that experience sun exposure, and repeats the process for a couple of weeks.

Sun allergies are medical conditions that result in red-colored skin rashes, which cause itching, according to Mayo Clinic. The conditions occur when the skin experiences exposure to the sun. Sun allergies are either inherited or acquired. An individual may acquire a sun allergy when his skin comes into contact with certain plants, including wild parsnip and limes. Specific drugs such as ketoprofen and tetracycline antibiotics may also cause allergic reactions to the sun.

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