What Are Some Treatments for Sprained Wrists?


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Treatment for a sprained wrist commonly involves resting the wrist for a minimum of 48 hours, applying ice to reduce swelling and pain, and compressing the sprained wrist with a bandage, according to WebMD. The wrist should be elevated above the patient's heart as much as possible.

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People with sprained wrists can treat the pain and swelling with nonsteroidal inflammatory drugs, explains WebMD. Patients should also perform strengthening and stretching exercises as tolerated under the advisement of a medical professional. Severe wrist sprains where a snapped ligament is present often require surgical treatment.

Sprained wrists are commonly categorized into three grades with the first grade indicating pain with minor ligament damage and the second indicating severe damage and partial loss of function, explains WebMD. The third grade indicates complete loss of function, torn ligaments and looseness of the joint.

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