What Are the Treatments for Spinal Nerve Damage?


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Many treatments are available for spinal nerve damage, depending on the severity of the problem. Some of these treatments include corticosteroids (like methylprednisolone or dexamethasone to reduce swelling), surgery, spinal traction, occupational therapy, physical therapy and various additional rehabilitation therapies after surgery.

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Surgery for spinal nerve damage includes decompression laminectomy, in which tissue or fluid that may be causing pressure on the patient's spinal cord is removed. Other surgical methods include the removal of foreign objects, disk or bone fragments, placement of spinal braces or the fusion of spinal bones which have broken.

Spinal traction is a treatment used to prevent movement in the spine and involves holding the skull in place by metal braces inserted into the skull and attaching a harness or traction weights on the body of the patient.

Injuries that involve spinal nerve damage are often not obvious. Any type of injury involving pelvic fractures, neck, head and penetrating injuries that are close to the spine should always raise concern that the injury could be associated with an unstable spinal column. Before a patient has received confirmation from a trauma or emergency center, great care should be taken to avoid any unnecessary movements to prevent further damage.

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